Blood and Power

by Stephen Fox

BOSS: Richard J. Daley of Chicago

by Mike Royko

Captive City

by Ovid DeMaris

Contract on America

by David E. Schiebs

One-Armed Bandits

by George Mills

Hoodlum Empire

by Richard Hammer

Investigative Reporting

by Clark R. Mollenhoff

The Kefauver Committee Report on Organized Crime

by Senator Estes Kefavuer

Looking in Windows

by George Mills

Sports Illustrated

by William Nack

Pictoral History of the Mafia

by Don Maclean

Rocky Marciano

by Russell Sullivan

Rocky Marciano: Biography of a First Son

by Everett M. Skehan

Talking to Myself

by Studs Terkel

Tentacles of Power: The Story of Jimmy Hoffa

by Clark R. Mollenhoff

The Imperfect Union

by John Hutchinson

The Mob

by Virgil W. Peterson

When Capone's Mob Murdered Roger Touhy

by John W. Touhy

A Mob of His Own

by Tony Dark

The Everything Mafia Book

by Scott M. Deitche

The FBI Files:
Sam Giancana

by Tony Dark